Patria Private Equity seeks to create consistent top-quartile returns through a strategy focused on identifying bottlenecks in the supply of basic needs of the population of Brazil and other Latin American countries, deploying its own professionals to partner with entrepreneurs to create value through organic and inorganic growth initiatives, resulting in companies that become national and regional leaders in their respective sectors


Patria is the manager of investment funds that invest in the Portfolio companies described in this site. Patria is not the owner or shareholder of the Portfolio companies.



AC Café is one of the leading
Brazilian gourmet coffee companies



Frooty pioneered and is currently a market leader in the açaí-based product segment in Brazil



Agrichem is a leading fertilizer company
that provides plant nutrition in the form
of liquid fertilizers to a variety of crops



Alliar is one of the largest players in
the imaging diagnostic sector in Brazil



Alphaville is the leading
developer in Brazil



Anhanguera is the largest private for-profit education institutions in Brazil



Athena is a leading integrated healthcare group that operates in Brazil’s secondary regions



Brazil Senior Living (BSL) is
a leader in the independent
and assisted living segment



Bio Ritmo Group is
the largest fitness club
operator in Latin America



Crop Care is an importer and producer of crop protection and plant nutrition products to LatAm farmers



Danica-Zipco is one of the largest building
systems companies for non-residential projects
in Latin America



DASA is the largest publicly-held clinical analysis and diagnostics imaging company in Latin America and one of the largest worldwide, offering a comprehensive portfolio of clinical analysis and diagnostics imaging tests.



DFS is a food distribution
company focused on the
food-service segment



Elfa is a specialty
pharmaceutical distributor



Opty is a eye care clinics chain providing high quality diagnosis and treatment of ophtalmic disorders and diseases.




Evedisa is a drugs and medical inputs distribution company that offers a multichannel reach and value added services for healthcare providers and insurers


PRIVATE EQUITY Farmácias Independente

Farmácias Independente is a regional leader in the drugstore sector in Brazil



Junior is a leading company in the food ingredients industry in Brazil, providing sauces, seasoning, condiments and dessert toppings to the food service industry (fast-food chains, hotels, restaurants, catering services, and industrial food courts).



Natulab is a pharmaceutical company focused
on branded generics, "over the counter"
(OTC) products, vitamins and supplements.




Salus Latam is a medical supplies distributor, currently ranked among the top 5 companies in Brazil’s Southeast region. The company operates both in private and public sectors, focusing mainly on hospitals and clinics. Salus has a broad distribution portfolio, ranging from high specialty medical devices to commodity items such as gloves, syringes and wound care products.



Super Frio is a leading temperature-controlled
logistics services provider in the state of São Paulo



Supplier is a fintech leader in business-to-business credit focused on private label products supported by technology and innovation.



Tenco Shopping Centers is a specialist in the
development, management, commercialization
and administration of shopping malls with
a focus on large secondary cities in Brazil



Veloce is one of the leading companies dedicated to providing logistics and supply chain solutions in Brazil and Argentina.



Víncula is a leading Brazilian player in the medical device segment with one of the best orthopedic research centers in Latin America and a state of the art industrial plant.



Zatix Tecnologia is one of the leading telematics
olutions providers in Brazil, offering services
in Fleet Management 
and Stolen Vehicle
Recovery in the B2B market


Senior Managing Partner and Co-Founder at Patria, primarily responsible for Patria’s Private Equity Division and a member of Patria’s Board, Executive Committee, Management Committee and Investment Committees. Mr. Saigh held and currently holds board member positions in several of Patria's Funds' Invested Companies. Mr. Saigh was one of the founders of Patria in 2001 (successor of Patrimônio) developing and leading the efforts for Patria to become one of the leading alternative investment firms. Mr. Saigh joined Patrimônio (Patria’s predecessor company) in 1994, as a Managing Partner responsible for the development and execution of the Firm’s private equity business. Between 1994 and 1997, while developing Patrimônio’s private equity business, Mr. Saigh was Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Drogasil, one of the leading drugstore chains in Brazil and Patria’s first private equity investment. Prior to joining Patrimônio, Mr. Saigh worked at JPMorgan Investment Bank from 1989 to 1994, as a Vice President for its private equity, corporate finance and M&A divisions. Mr. Saigh holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Management and Hotel Administration from Boston University and a post-graduate Certificate in Economics from Harvard University.

Partner at Patria since 2009, primarily responsible for new business efforts in Patria’s Private Equity Group. Mr. Sorrentino has been Chairman of the board of directors of Alliar since 2011, MDT since 2012 and Tenco since 2011. He is also responsible for overseeing Fund III’s investment in Bio Ritmo. Mr. Sorrentino joined Patria in 2001. From 2005 to 2006, Mr. Sorrentino worked at Anhanguera as a business analyst and planning manager and from 2003 to 2005 at Anhembi Morumbi as a financial analyst. Prior to that, Mr. Sorrentino worked at DASA in the M&A initiative and for Fotoptica as a business analyst. Mr. Sorrentino holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas.

Partner at Patria since 2014. Mr. Karsten is currently focused on managing a portfolio of companies and on new business efforts in Patria’s Private Equity Group. Mr. Karsten is a board member of AC café, Frooty, MDT and Superfrio . Previously, Mr. Karsten acted as Chief Operating Officer of LFG, a business unit of Anhanguera. Before joining Patria in 2008, Mr. Karsten worked for 5 years as Chief Operating Officer of a leading Brazilian retail company and as Export Director of a large Consumer Goods company. Mr. Karsten worked for more than 8 years in investment banking, both at JPMorgan in New York and São Paulo and at banco de investimentos Patrimônio. Mr. Karsten holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas and a MBA from the University of Chicago Graduate School Of Business.

Partner, Head of Marketing and Investor Relations in the Private Equity Group since 2013.  From 2005 to 2013, Mr. Teixeira held various senior positions at Anhanguera Educacional, Patria’s flagship investment in the Post-secondary Education sector, where he served as Chief Financial Officer (2011-2013); Investor Relations Officer (2007-2013); Strategic, Commercial and Financial Planning Director (2007-2011); and Financial Planning Manager (2005-2007). Prior to joining Patria in 2004, Mr. Teixeira worked with the Latin American Research Sales team at Goldman Sachs in New York. Mr. Teixeira holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Economics from Amherst College.

Luis Felipe Cruz is a Partner, Head of Patria Private Equity’s New Investments and Transactions team, responsible for the investments activities. Since joining Pátria in 2008, Mr. Cruz has been involved in several investments across different industries. He started as a member of Anhanguera’s M&A team, then becoming Business Development Director of Microlins until its successful divestment in 2010. Since then, he has led the Private Equity Investment team in over 70 deals.  Additionally, he has served as board member of various portfolio companies. Luis Felipe Cruz holds a BS in Business Administration from EAESP-FGV.

Partner and Healthcare Portfolio Manager in the Private Equity Group since 2011. Mr. Jannuzzi is currently focused on leading new Healthcare investments and Portfolio management in Patria’s Private Equity Group. He was involved in developing the investment thesis and acquisition of Natulab, Elfa, SNC,  Independente, AC Café, Salus and Evedisa - Colombia. Prior to joining Patria, between until 2011, Mr. Jannuzzi was an investment lead at HAL Investments (Dutch Private Equity) based in the Latin America Office and responsible for investments in the retail related space. Earlier in his career Mr Jannuzzi, was a Business Development Manager at Novo Nordisk Pharma (NVO) for Latin America between 2006 and 2009. Mr. Jannuzzi started his professional career as a management consultant at Accenture, focused on strategy projects and based in London and São Paulo between 2003 and 2006. Mr. Jannuzzi holds a Bachelor’s Degree with Honours in Business Administration from the University of Bath/U.K. (1999-2003).

Partner at Patria since 2005, primarily responsible for new investments in the Private Equity and PIPE strategies. Mr. Scavazza joined Patrimônio in 1999 and has worked on several new investments and acquisitions for the portfolio companies of Fund I, II, III, IV and V. Mr. Scavazza worked as Chief Executive Officer at Anhanguera between 2009 and 2013. Additionally, Mr. Scavazza was Chief Financial Officer at DASA, in 2001, and at Anhanguera from 2003 to 2006. Mr. Scavazza holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas.

Patria PE on ESG: Creating Sustainable Value

Patria Private Equity seeks to build partnerships backed by shared values, mutual respect, alignment of objectives and complementary competencies, always working for the good of society, both through its investments and internally.

The intent is to transform the sectors in which Patria PE operates, promoting a positive impact on the Latin America economy. In this sense, the environmental, social and governance aspects are part of the scope of the Patria Private Equity´s work to manage the portfolio companies.

Our strategic checklist goes beyond the national and international legal requirements and rules.

We incorporated qualitative aspects that encompass the environment, working conditions, impact on the community and management.

We implemented a challenging agenda in the portfolio companies that is designed to cause a broader positive impact.


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